Natural England - Further ways to get the best from our service

Further ways to get the best from our service

  • Grid references are invaluable to us so please include them within the basic information included in your consultation submissions.

  • The Guidance on information requirements and validation is helpful when developing good practice and you may find a checklist is useful in ensuring planning applications have adequate information to substantiate their likely impact on the natural environment.

  • It will be of benefit to you if you are able to engage with us as early as possible on planning consultations. By doing so it will enable us to identify any evidence requirements and to facilitate discussions with other relevant consultees.

  • Please don’t assume a ‘no comment’ response from us means there are no relevant natural environment issues to be addressed; responses from other consultees will also need to be considered.

  • It would help us if you could tell us about any previous planning decisions that are relevant to your consultation, including the use of appropriate indicators and the application of planning conditions and obligations.

  • We welcome and value your feedback so please take the opportunity to comment on the service you have received from us via our customer feedback form: (220kb)pdf document.

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